Period OKC

Fighting period poverty one tampon at a time

Period OKC is dedicated to providing free menstrual products to people. Period poverty is when someone does not have access to menstrual products. Pads, tampons or other period supplies are an essential need that people struggle to meet, so Period OKC was formed to help fill this need.

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A monthly donation of $5.00 provides

hygiene and peace of mind to a person in need.

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What We Do

Free products

We distribute pads, tampons, wipes, and menstrual cups to aid facilities and organizations who put them in the hands of people.


Sharing information and resources for menstruators is important to end the stigma surrounding period talk.


Paper products are offered free in bathrooms, why not tampons and pads? We want Oklahoma to provide essential hygiene products.

Period Poverty Facts:

  • Each year in the United States people spend more than $2 Billion on menstrual products (Healthline, 2018)

  • In Oklahoma 1 in 5 people of menstruating age live below the Federal Poverty Line (Alliance for Period Supplies, 2021) and food stamps do not pay for menstrual products

  • The social stigma surrounding menstruation makes the problem worse, people over age 34 reported feeling embarrassed, ashamed, depressed or isolated because they could not access menstrual products (U by Kotex®, 2021)